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Software Development

We provide end-to-end solution in software development services including but not limited to requirements gathering , software architecting and designing, software development, quality assurance, software testing, software maintenance and support. Some of the domains that we have excelled earlier are financial, telecom and networking.

Offshore Solutions

Onsite Development: This model is designed to address the specific need of customers for whom time-to market and time-to revenue is extremely critical. Sometimes the mandatory requirement of a resolution to a critical problem at hand also drives the necessity of having an onsite technology expert consultant. To meet this critical expertise requirement companies prefer to use this model. With our core technology focus and an on-going knowledge management, we draw upon our resources in the shortest possible timeframe and execute a project onsite.

Offsite Development: This model has the advantages of cost reduction through offsite development and reduced cycle time due to activities being completed onsite. Typical offsite activities include low-level design, coding, testing and porting. Systems analysis, high level design and final implementation are typically completed onsite. Logic4g dedicates staff resources onsite with clients to help facilitate the project lifecycle from initial analysis and documentation to testing and implementation in order to ensure that client expectations are met to the fullest degree.


TradeEye is a comprehensive Surveillance System designed for implementing necessary controls , tools & reporting to cater to Regulatory Compliance & Auditing needs of an Investment Bank.

TradeEye delivers the necessary tools to:

  • Proactively detect and monitor irregular or suspicious transaction that may jeopardize the reputation of your business
  • Sophisticated, yet flexible architecture to consolidate all exchange-traded transactions into a central enterprise repository
  • Applies a set of customizable business rules to allow you to perform complex data mining to identify possible market manipulation, mishandled transactions that conflict with the firm’s internal trading rules and/or external regulatory agencies’ rules and regulations
  • Covers prohibited or non-compliant swaps activity  across a variety of asset classes, including CDS, IRS, equity  swaps, commodity swaps, and more

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Logic4g's diverse clients

Logic4g's diverse clients can realize the following unique solutions and value:
  • Technology Aligned with Business Strategy
  • Integration of Multiple Systems
  • Competitive Advantage Solutions

    Some of our esteemed customers include:

  • IBM
  • Bank of America
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • BMW
  • Cyber and Allied Solutions
  • France Telecom
  • and various other startup companies in the Silicon Valley.


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